Innovation at Gloster MEP

We are always mindful of change in the construction industry, which has transformed completely over the last two decades. Building owners, landlords and tenants now rely on new technologies and processes to deliver the solutions they need, enabling them to meet current regulations as set out by the government and local authorities. Technologies help our clients to comply with Building Regulations, as well as meeting guidance on CO2 emissions, sustainability and energy usage.

Many buildings present complex challenges, from existing residential and commercial properties to new builds. It can be harder to ensure that they meet necessary criteria and are built sustainably for the future, but we will ensure it is done. With this in mind, we place a great deal of focus on developing our processes and technologies, ensuring we can achieve our aims regardless of restrictions. We have the ability and resources to innovate where necessary, for example, when working on older properties. Along with our innovation partners, we will find a way and our mantra is that there is a solution for all problems.

Gloster MEP - Innovation

To date, we have developed a number of new processes and technologies to solve a wide variety of challenges in various restrictive environments. Key areas of innovation include:

  • Residential buildings (old and new build)
  • Medical laboratories (built underground in a 1950s building)
  • Commercial office spaces
  • Schools (new and refurbished)
  • Underground car parks
  • Refurbished retail spaces
  • Data centres

Innovation in action

2017 Innovation in Production Winners – Building Magazine Production London

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