Corporate social responsibility

Gloster - MEP CSR

We believe wholeheartedly that it is our responsibility to incorporate the most innovative technologies on the market to meet all guidelines, reduce CO2 emissions, achieve energy-saving targets and make our industry sustainable. Achieving these aims is not always easy – many buildings present complex challenges and it takes a knowledgeable, experienced and passionate team like ours to determine the most effective and responsible approach.

With this in mind, we continually focus on the development of new processes and ensure we have the in-house resources to tackle all projects in a safe, environmentally friendly, responsible way, regardless of restrictions. Our mantra is that there is a solution for all problems. We have built our business to be a progressive, forward-thinking organisation with a solutions-focused mindset.

These beliefs extend beyond the workplace as well, informing our approach to charity and community. For us, corporate responsibility does not stop on our sites or in our offices. We do work that matters in our wider community and we support causes that make a difference.

Gloster - MEP CSR

Our environmental responsibilities

We take our environmental commitments very seriously and strive to protect the world around us through responsible construction practices and well-honed processes. Learn more about our environmental policies and how we are contributing to a sustainable future.

Our responsibility to our community

We support many wonderful causes in our community and we care deeply about the world around us, forming lasting relationships with charities and organisations including Help for Heroes, Samaritans and Fuel the Future. Learn more about our community values at Gloster MEP.

Running a responsible, forward-thinking business

We’re committed to responsible industry regeneration and building the construction sector of the future. We are a diverse employer and provide opportunities to ex-servicepeople, as well as offering apprenticeships and training programmes to develop talented, conscientious people.

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