R & D

GLOSTER are mindful that the building industry has vastly changed over the last two decades and more specially the need and or requirement by owners, landlords and tenants to incorporate new technologies and processes to meet current Government, local authority and Building Regulation guidelines on CO2 emissions, sustainability and energy saving targets.

We are also aware that existing residential, commercial properties and even some new buildings often present complex challenges in incorporating these new and existing technologies and processes that have been developed by third parties to achieve and meet the current energy saving and sustainability guidelines. With this in mind, we place a lot of focus and resource into developing new processes and technologies to achieve what our clients need, regardless of the restrictions their properties impose on them. When these existing technologies and processes cannot be adapted, for example, in older buildings, we have the resources, along with our various innovation partners to research and develop new products, technologies and processes to achieve the aims and needs of our clients. Our mantra is that there is a solution for all problems.

To date, we have developed a number of new processes and technologies to solve a wide variety of challenges presented to us in various restrictive environments to meet our clients needs, examples of those being, but not limited to:

  • Residential Buildings (Old and New Build)
  • Medical Laboratories (Built underground in a 1950’s building)
  • Commercial office spaces
  • Schools (New and Refurbished)
  • Underground Car Parks
  • Refurbished Retail Spaces

Should you wish to discuss your needs with us, please contact us on 0207 089 6910.


2017 Innovation in Production London Winners – Build Magazine