Case Study


111 Old Broad Street, London EC2N

New fit out of 3 traders floors and a banking hall with MERs and SER rooms


New fit out of 3 traders floors and a banking hall with MERs and SER rooms, board and video conferencing rooms. Under floor busbar power systems and lighting control. Specialist lighting has been installed in all rooms incorporated in joinery. We have replaced the full LV infrastructure 6 LV panels in conjunction with UKPN without the bank loosing a second of down time. The new installation is fully resilient N+2 system with 2 generators and 2 UPS’s. All of which is to achieve in a 12 week programme.

Scope of services

  • Electrical fit out of 3 traders floors and board rooms with intelligent lighting and underfloor power.
  • Full LV infrastructure replacement 6 LV panels all associated cabling from UKPN to final points , All LV panels where replaced on planed weekend shut downs liaising with UKPN and the bank.
  • 2 x 400KVA UPS’s systems installed with a 1540KV A standby generator. Feeding 1 MER and 3 SER rooms with dual supplies. Giving the bank full resilience.
  • Replacement of all existing landlord distribution all backed by a 600KVA life safety generator.

Location: London

Client: Construction Bank of China

Main Contractor: Overbury

Contract Value: £6.4 Million

Programme: 12 weeks

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